The Doncossack was an ancient Germanic tribe that lived in the Middle East between the sixth and eighth centuries CE. The doncossack or doncossachar was a sort of horse-drawn chariot on which the men rode and the women carried the babies and goods. The doncossack was particularly well-known for its use of the chariot as a means of transport, but they also used it to carry weapons.

The doncossack were a powerful people. They were also very, very short-lived. By the second century CE, they were reduced to a nomadic existence. They lived to the east of the Roman Empire and west of the Sasanian Empire. However, by the third century CE, the doncossack was no longer a nomadic people.

During this brief period of their existence, the doncossack were reduced to a tribe of nomads. But, by the end of the third century CE, when the empire began to expand, the doncossack’s fate was finally sealed. They were all wiped out by the Roman army in a battle on the Caucasus mountains in the year 379 CE. It was the final act of imperial conquest and, as such, was the end of the doncossack as a tribe.

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