While both once lived in Faerûn, many sun elves participated in the mass migration known as The Retreat, when nearly ninety percent of the elves in Cormanthor fled to Evermeet. Relatively few moon elves decided to leave Faerûn during this time, choosing to wander the continent in small nomadic communities. High elves have existed for centuries throughout many of the worlds and realms of Dungeons & Dragons. The most noteworthy high elves reside on Eberron and Toril. Those on Eberron have separated themselves between the Aereni and the Tairnadal. At the same time, the high elves of Toril split their culture into what scholars have labeled the sun and moon elves.

Other elves employ more intricate naming systems, borrowing words from other languages to create distinctive names. An elf infant is born with two names and one surname. In this case, the first name is from the mother’s maiden side, while the second is from the father’s side. Half-elves are a fascinating fantasy race and many desire names that reflect this. A half-elf character in Dungeons and Dragons or another tabletop game can be named in 5 different ways. Elf surnames tend to be combinations of elvish words which represent elements of nature.

Star Elves are Ruar-tel-quessir meaning mithril people. Wood Elves are the copper people, the Or-tel-quessir. Sun, Moon, and Star Elves are often called Eldarin, too. Wood elves are not called Eldarin despite being Tel-quessir.

Here are the facts Obviously, the answer is no. After all, if something that big and powerful existed, how would anyone miss them? And yet, almost every culture in the world…

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