Or, at least they matter to Ron, who has been smitten with the dazzlingly beautiful Fleur Delacour. When it comes to beauty Hermione knows she cannot compete with Fleur or “the curvy and attractive barmaid, Madam Rosmerta’ who has also captured Ron’s eye.12 So before the Yule Ball Hermione assumes that she hasn’t got what it takes to interest Ron romantically. When Viktor later arrives at Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament, Hermione doesn’t pay him much attention at first except to show her disdain for all the attention he attracts by being famous. In the book, Krum attacks Cedric Diggory in the maze with the Cruciatus Curse.

Ron walks by Hermione without looking at her because he’s bitter. He glares at her and overall acts like a dick at every turn. At the dance, Harry notes that Hermione is deep in talk with Viktor and that they both seem enthusiastic about their conversation. “I’m going to bed,” Hermione snapped, and she swept off toward the girls’ staircase without another word. I caught the Boy-Who-Lived twice by now by the shoulders, my forehead against his. I have read a lot of these and wanted to try one of my own.

Viktor is winning the battle in Hermione’s head, but it’s Ron who will win the battle in her heart. Naturally, looks become an important issue for Hermione as her interest in boys develops. Like many teenage girls, Hermione is insecure about her looks. She would like to think that looks don’t matter, but knows that they do.

Harry assured Viktor that he and Hermione were only friends, but their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of a confused Barty Crouch Snr. While Harry rushed to get help, Viktor remained with Crouch. Albus Dumbledore revived him, and Viktor believed that Crouch Snr had Stunned him when his back was turned and had vanished into the woods after. Yes, he’s one of her best friends and he’s more comfortable with her than nearly anyone, but he seems to lose sight of the fact that Hermione is one of the most talented, smartest, and impressive women that he’s ever met. Viktor was such a good match for Hermione because he actually understood what an incredible person she is, and he wasn’t afraid to let her know it.

This is not to say that childhood love can’t be romantic, but the slow burn of Ron and Hermione just doesn’t hit the same as Krum falling fast and hard. When Viktor saw Hermione again at Bill names for your cousin and Fleur’s wedding in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, without a second thought, he told her,“You look vunderful” . My heart can’t take how easily and genuinely he compliments her.

He is a Bulgarian professional Quidditch player and is the Triwizard Tournament champion for Durmstrang, a wizarding school in northern Europe, in Goblet of Fire. But then I also had to ask myself, “Where did the narrative of Krum being ‘stupid’ come from? ” I called up my friend to ask her opinion, and she said, “Well, I remember he had that accent.” J.K.