“Of course Dev knows, and plenty of other people, too, but this isn’t something I want the world involved in.” Suraya tells herself it’s the swell of the Cryptarch’s Light that makes her blush, she’s close to her, can feel the latent heat on her cheeks. When other people say it on his behalf, it’s strange.

When they returned to the Temple, Cidrex sought out Tyra and asked her for a favour. He knew she was a learned scholar of many things from the Golden Age and even from the time before the Traveler’s arrival to Earth, and he’d hoped she would know a thing or two about tattooing. A historian and Cryptarch, Tyra Karn decodes engrams and seeks the treasures of humanity’s past.

Regardless of your reason for finding her, it’s actually really simple. All you need to do is open up your map, select Earth or the EDZ and you will see the Farm in the upper right corner. After the destruction of The City at the hands of Ghaul, she made her way to The Farm, where she again served as a cryptarch archivist. Tyra was the keeper of patriot news obits today the Iron Lords’ stories during their time. She also helped found the Cryptarch order, but later withdrew from the group in order to pursue her own interest of cataloging recovered documents, artifacts, and Ghost analyses. “I often wonder where we would be if the Iron Lords returned to the City. Their fall here changed the course of history.”

Upon arriving at The Farm, Tyra Karn can be found straight on and over to your left a little right from where you spawn into this location. When my guardian needs to move from the Helm to the tower he goes in his ship, to orbit, back to the tower hanger again like a real Chad. I don’t mind going the tower for my daily bounties, sometimes I don’t even do that because of the app.

However, he does give you a quest to find her once again. There is so much to do currently in Destiny 2 across all platforms from completing the Izanami Forge in Black Armory to checking out what Xur has for sale this weekend. Of course, there are some players who are still completing certain quests from the base game. One such quest tasks you with finding Destiny 2 Tyra Karn. In this guide, we are going to go over where to find this NPC.

Regardless of whichever reason you have for looking for her, we’ve got your back. She remains in the same spot whether or not you’ve beaten the base game’s story. This page describes content which is not available in the game.”Tyra Karn” was moved into the Destiny Content Vault in Beyond Light.

“With every discovery in this Cosmodrome comes more questions.” “Only the Fallen would try to build a god in a warehouse.” “I knew the Iron Lords well. You would have fit in with them in their glory days as you do now. Take this as a sign of respect.” “Think of it as a tool with which to make history.”

Just shy of picking up rewards from playlist vendors, there’s not much we need the Tower for. We can pick up bounties from the app, Eververse can be accessed through the Destinations menu, Vault and Postmaster can accessed through the Destiny app and third party apps. If we could telecommunicate with our vendors through the War Table, the Tower would be obsolete. I feel like the Towers only purpose at the moment is engram collection and community dance hall.

“Honestly I’m surprised Ikora didn’t drop me where I stood, last time we were here.” “It forms over the Shard,” She shouts to him as the snow turns from fluffy soft flakes that drift in a barely-there wind to heavy, sharp-seeming precipitation that dances in a tempest’s gale. Her cheeks are pink, and though the wind fights her every step she moves faster to reduce her time exposed to the elements.