When it comes to easy ’80s Halloween costume ideas, some might be a little TOO easy. Take Tom Cruise’s role as “Joel Goodsen” in 1983’s Risky Business. This might – at one point – have been the most-cliche ’80s costume out there. Of course, we see Joel’s posturing for what it is, and we grow increasingly aware of his attempts to project this new “bad boy” image that submerges his layers of desperation and insecurity. His Joel the Pimp persona—complete with those famous Ray-Bans worn at night, and inside!

This look is perfect for a night out on the town with your girlfriends or even on a romantic date with a cute guy. That’s why he took advantage of his parents leaving for a trip to let loose and have a great time. Though there were a lot of things that went wrong, in the end, everything worked out alright. Joel’s let loose moment brought several iconic outfits that people will remember about the character. That’s why fans of the movie will always have Joel Goodson as the favourite cosplay option if they want to dress up as characters from the comedy movie.

I made it my own and made it more fun rather than an oversize button-down and knee-high socks. Browse 181 risky business costume stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. The good thing about this outfit is that boys or girls can wear it and rock it out just the same! All you need is a huge white long-sleeved dress shirt, a very short pair of white shorts, long white crew socks, white sneakers, and black glasses. Here’s everything you need to look like Joel Goodsen from Risky Business. In a sketch on The Ben Stiller Show Stiller plays Cruise doing a one man show highlighting many of his most beloved film characters, obviously including the dance from Risky Business.

In aMay 2017 interviewwith the British press, Cruise said he only put on socks so he could slide across the floor butter. Dust was added to the flooring to make it more slippery. And some sticky tape was added at the middle point of the film frame so he would stop where he needed to.

This year, that means Lady Gaga, Zombie Lady Gaga and, in rare cases, Lady Gaga performing for the Chilean miners. At least 98 percent of the time, you will be correct. That’s why, if you must guess, follow the rule of Occam’s razor.

I think it’s a good way for someone to get out of their shell and try something new. Tony Montana costume is a red button-down shirt with a few buttons loose, a white suit, and black pants. Elvira costume is most known for her sexy, blue, satin dress with a high slit, and killer heels. In one episode of Dilbert, the titular characters dreams of dancing in nothing but his underwear and shoes this if he ever got his own office. It does comes true when the main office has to move to another one due to a mutagenic virus going around and Dilbert becomes the head designer of the building in exchange for his own office.

Usually a celebration or declaration of freedom, but sometimes just a way of showing that a character is having goofy fun. Very common right after i was a businessman doing business a character has scored a date with their longtime crush. Named for the famous scene of Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear in Risky Business.

The outfit consists of a white long-sleeved polo, which represents the red university stripe oxford cotton button-down shirt the character wore in the movies. The cosplay set will also come with white underwear short for the bottom, as the character was only wearing these in the scene. Included in the collection are a pair of white socks and black sunglasses.

Tom Cruise did not wear his sunglasses during the Risky Business dance scene. However, they are still a really cool touch to your Risky Business costume. Making your own risky Business costume is quite a brave costume to wear. After all you will be walking around in a shirt and a pair of tight white briefs. Here is everything you need to make your own Risky Business costume and replicate Tom Cruise in one of his most famous roles.

Tonight, he’s not the overachieving student with an Ivy League future, he’s a cool, successful entrepreneur in a dangerous field. The shirt also has a front placket and rounded barrel cuffs, each closing with the mother-of-pearl buttons matching those on the collar. The trailer for the first Garfield movie has Garfield wearing a pair of sunglasses and doing this in the living room. Every pirate costume ever has the potential to go overboard, but it’s even easier when you have a near-naked woman in tow.