It will take very little time and effort to put in more substantial bracing. Baffled Water tanks for Motorhomes, Campervans, Caravans, Horseboxes, Race transporters, Catering units and Narrowboats. 300 individual sizes with many designed to fit standard panel vans with kits for easy DIY installation.

We have specialised for over 48 years in the design, manufacture & supply of high quality water storage systems for original equipment and aftermarket installation. Supplied as original fit to all the leading motorhome, caravan & camper manufacturers. As the trailer water tank states, it is possible to have a water tank that is sealed. This has been the case with a few water tanks in the past. However, most of these tanks have been sealed off and filled with concrete because they were too heavy to move.

Using some plumbers tape, the brass elbow joint was screwed into the tank outlet before the valve was then added. The hose was then connected to the valve with a clamp and run-up to the pump where it was connected using a clamp. I then cut the hose at a position where it was higher than the tank and added the hose connector allowing me to disconnect the tank and remove it whenever necessary. The new trailer is called “baffled travel.” It shows the story of a couple of people looking to spend a bit more time together, but their lack of communication leads them to think that they might die. While their story may be true, it does leave a bit of an emotional vacuum because the couple has not been able to communicate with each other. Sure looks like glue, but that is actually melted plastic.

But some people have very strong opinions on both sides of the fence. So, this month, we take an in-depth look at the question and discuss the pro and cons of travelling with your water tanks empty or full. If you use the RV or trailer rarely, sanitize the tanks twice a year.

That’s your prerogative even though it’s clear you know nothing about the issue. Before I would travel with very little water and that was not a issue but now I plan on longer trips to remote areas where I want my own water. What really never ceases to amaze me is the low level of not only assembly but the poor quality of fixtures in RV’s today, No wonder when the catch fire they smoke so much.

While stainless tanks are heavier and more expensive than poly tanks or bladders, they can be customised to fit any space you have. They generally come with all the inlets and outlets tapped so connectors can be screwed in and some even have a 12V pump attached. Still 400km from Coober Pedy, I decided to head south to Cook and then Nullarbor Roadhouse. CV Plastics can tailor a high density polyethylene water tank to fit in to the smallest of places out of sight and out of mind – until you need it.

Additionally, you can also hook it up to collect greywater from your trailer. Extremely small, the Class A Customs 5 gallon capacity water tank for RV is not very handy. It doesn’t come with any handles for carrying, so transportation from one place to another is a big issue. You can keep the tank on a leveled surface for stable operation throughout the journey.

I had similar angles that went across between main frame I-beams and cracks developed where they were welded due to the entire frame flexing. Those small angle irons took a load from that flexing that they were not meant to handle. Not only taking valuable space but causes a lot of damage should something spring a leak, when should you refuse to accept food in shipment like the spin welded bung for the suction line. 2011 Rockwood TT. I travel to Yuma from Canada each winter with a full tank before I leave. My Northwood Fox Mountain has a 2″x 2″ piece of angle iron under the tank spanning from the frame sides attached with 3/8″ bolts so it can be removed if you need to drop the tank.

As can be seen the underbelly is now enclosed and the tanks can’t be seen but the lousy fresh water tank support can be as it was just slapped on after the underbelly was installed. 400 Litre Baffled Water Tank, Flat is moulded from medium density polyethene. These rectangular tanks are ideal for mobile caterers, window cleaners and applications requiring a water tank. These water storage tanks are capable of being installed in a pickup, van or on a water bowser. Our custom water tanks are created to fit any space and give you extra water or chemical storage, saving you space, and money. We developed the first plastic water storage tanks for Caravans, Motor-Homes and Marine applications, with our own revolutionary designs and patented C.A.K. TanksAnti-Surge Baffles.