Ultraviolet radiations that will decompose swimming pool chemicals. Furthermore, it will maintain the temperature within the swimming pool environment. That is, even when there is snow, your swimming pool will remain warm.

All our designs and installations are civil engineered certified including electrical compliance where applicable. Our success recipe however is in our affordable pricing structure that enhances property valuations. Our convenient covers are available for commercial, residential and industrial applications of any size. Our product options are ever-expanding with new applications and technology. A very clever mechanized innovation that transforms your pool cover into a deck or a patio and makes the most of the pool area square footage.

Your state-of-the-art hard pool cover system is concealed below-ground in a cavity built into the pool shell, so it is completely invisible when not in use. This makes it a stylish option for pool owners who care about the overall aesthetic of their pool area. Retractable hard pool cover can be built to any size and finished in any material to either match their surroundings or stand out, if preferred. The rolling deck pool cover is a heavy duty stainless steel frame which is clad in decking of your choice.

At Elite Pool Covers, we have over 30 years of experience providing Perth homeowners and businesses with world-class swimming pool covers. We invented the first fully automatic pool covers in Australia. Today, we export our quality products across the world, so you can count on the premium quality of our hard pool covers.

The vertical wall can either be part of the enclosure or it can be built as part of the pool construction. PVC slats are the most economical solution in providing helvie wood carving knife safety, keeping the pool clean, reducing maintenance and stopping water loss. Polycarbonate slats provide the same benefits but will also heat the pool water.

A sliding deck pool cover can be as attractive as your best backyard decks, and just as durable. In this guide, I have discussed all types of swimming pool covers and pool fences. Therefore, it is important that you go for an equipment that will extend the swimming season, provide maximum security and safety. Clearly, I will advise you to avoid these types of swimming pool covers. You can see this from the disadvantages of automatic pool covers.

At Elite Pool Covers, our range of European-inspired hard pool covers is capable of offering you many years of smooth operation. Our state-of-the-art pool cover systems look great and offer a wide range, including multiple options for concealment. As a polycarbonate sheet manufacturer since 2001 ,Excelite invested a new factory to manufacture swimming pool enclosures.

Security sliding deck pool covers system, Customizing to Boree,enjoy the flap world. Like the other swimming pool covers I have discussed above, this enclosure has the following key advantages and disadvantages. The technology used where we have the retractable and fixed swimming pool enclosures.