Before the beginning of the study and after the completion, BMD was studied in both groups. In the treated group after 3 months, BMD of the lumbar region increased by 1.3% and 4.3% in the sixth month. Bone mineral density in the control group decreased in the third month, but the results were not statistically significant. In the sixth month BMD decreased in this group by 1.9%. In the research group, BMD of the femoral neck region increased slightly after the vibration therapy after 3 months, but without statistical significance.

Finally, move the massage head around the muscle you are massaging to get a complete massage. Start by choosing the interchangeable head that is best suited for your desired massage area. You can experiment with the different heads to determine which are most effective you for.

I had to press the head against the floor to get them to stall. The Hirix was the easiest to make stall, the Theragun the hardest. But all three require pressure I can’t imagine using in any muscle-massaging scenario. Andrew WilliamsAll of the cheaper massager guns tips are much harder, with much less variation. The softer a tip is, the less intensely it pushes into a specific area, which is why the smaller attachments are the harder ones.

Once in place, turn the product on and continue to hold it over the area of your body you want to massage. Next, hold the massager against the muscle you want to massage, make sure not to press into the muscle too hard. A critical evaluation of percussion muscle gun therapy as a rehabilitation tool focusing on lower limb mobility.

They put special heads on the percussion massagers so they wouldn’t do any damage and would at least do some good ⁠. Of course the scientific reports say the results were obtained using a percussion massager and the fact that they were modified to remove the percussion gets buried in the fine print. A flathead attachment mainly focuses on the vibration therapy aspect of massage guns.

Most massage guns on the market look like a power drill and sound about the same. The Therabody team set out to develop a powerful yet quiet option, and they succeeded with the G4 Pro. Using a massage gun during pregnancy may provide similar benefits to prenatal massage. Research from 2021 suggests that relaxing massage during pregnancy may help to alleviate pain, boost mood, and improve sleep .

Most of the massage guns sold today come with a series of massage heads and attachments. Here we are going to breakdown how to use them effectively. This is because percussive massage contracts the muscles which helps strengthen them for those who may not be able to participate in the exercise.

Receive an email everytime someone post a review on this product. Although this product is effective for many individuals, it should not be used as a replacement to seeing your doctor if you practical magic evan rachel wood have constant or debilitating muscular pains. Long-term use of this massager has the potential to cause damage if you have an underlying condition that has not been properly assessed.