Viewers flooded the TLC Instagram comment section with thoughts on another season of the parents. When dropping their winter schedule, TLC confirmed that Amber, Trent, and their five kids – Jonah, Elizabeth, Anna, Alex, and Emma – will return. 7 Little Johnstons continues with Season 10, starting on Tuesday, November 16. When he’s not busy crafting origami, Alex has another hobby that he really seems to love — cooking! In the second episode of Season 8, Alex was inspired by a cooking competition show and set out to get better at cooking on his own.

It might come as no surprise that adopting all of their children hasn’t always been a walk in the park of Amber and Trent, especially when it comes to funding a new member of the family. It turns out that was the case when the Johnston couple decided to welcome Alex to the family. The couple knew that adopting internationally wasn’t noble finance joplin mo always the easiest process. As if growing up differently from many others wasn’t enough already, it turns out that Amber Johnston is the only little person in her family. TLC popped up a teaser about the 7 Little Johnstons show and Jonah explained that he wanted to chat with Amber and Trent as he went for a job interview.

Alex’s interest in cooking has actually been well-documented throughout the most recent seasons of the family’s show. Amber even decided the kids should have a cook-off competition of their own. Alex partnered with Elizabeth to make Italian beef stroganoff, caramelized figs, and stir-fried green beans. Alex and Elizabeth won, beating out Emma and Anna’s “Etalian” spaghetti with green beans . Trent and Amber Johnston adopted for the first time in March 2004, when Amber received information about a young girl in Siberia who had been diagnosed with achondroplasia dwarfism.

The two were anxious to start a family, and Amber was pregnant with their son Jonah five months later . The couple decided to have a second child two years later, but the pregnancy proved dangerous. After their daughter Elizabeth was born, the Johnstons decided to expand their family through adoption. They adopted their daughter Annafrom Siberia, daughterEmma from China, and son Alex from South Korea. Throughout the show’s nine seasons, some “7 Little Johnstons” fans have vocalized their concern over Anna getting treated differently — and unfairly — by her parents. In the Season 9 premiere, mother and daughter go head-to-head, bringing some such concerns to the surface.

Last season, 7 Little Johnstons showed that as always, fans felt that Anna was treated differently from the other kids. So, they grew furious when they saw Amber vehemently oppose her daughter’s wish to move out. It brought some controversy to the season and Amber promised that fans would soon find out more about Anna.

However, several fans of ‘7 Little Johnstons’ have noticed how polite the youngsters appear to be toward their mom and dad, even when they’re asking them simple questions. Respect has always been a huge part of life for both Amber and Trent, and they want to ensure their children have the same values. Several parents want to make their children’s lives as easy as they can be. Not Amber and Trent, but before anyone judges them for being harsh, it turns out there is a good reason. The Johnstons have learned the hard way that the world isn’t always built for them to thrive. Rather than making their home the perfect place for people with dwarfism, the couple has a strict rule about modifications.

Based on this post, it seems like things are very serious between Elizabeth and her boyfriend, Brice. They’ve been together for almost three years, and they still appear to be very happy together. So, fans should be on the lookout for more relationship updates from the pair. Maybe they will feature in a 7 Little Johnstonswedding special someday. The 7 Little Johnstons‘ dad explained that when he tried cuddling Anna, she bit him hard and “locked in” her teeth. However, she went and sat by the hotel door, as if she wanted to get back to the orphanage.