Inside the rectangular shaped pool, there is a horseshoe-shaped spa pool. Three specially designed copper waterfalls and led pool lighting add a calm and relaxing atmosphere to the environment. There are safe pool models for children and pets, suitable for all garden types and budgets. If you want, you can have a comfortable and fun pool by adding features such as waterfall, spa pool, shallow pool, slide, heating and lighting. Below, we shared creative and modern swimming pool design ideas for backyard that appeal to different tastes and budgets. A tanning ledge is the perfect spot for relaxing in the pool on a hot summer day.

During the summertime, a swimming pool is ideal for cooling off and is especially essential if you live somewhere that is temperate all year long. The addition of a small pool will be great for entertaining, but can also be used for personal fitness and relaxation. Also referred to as a sun shelf, Baja shelf, or splash pad, a tanning ledge will definitely give your small inground pool a boost. Even if your pool does not come with one built in, you can add it to the side of your pool. At Leisure Pools, many of our pool designs have built-in tanning ledges.

With this in mind, a smart contractor will consider designing the far side of the pool to follow the property line as close as the setback requirement will allow. Always add one next to your pool and create a spillway between the two. Alternatively, the upright ‘Sky Pencil’ holly makes a good choice for smaller spaces, or, for a splash of vivid color, try a columnar acer.

Wade your way into this pool, which features plenty of steps to help older ones and young children get situated as they make their way into the water. Various sections allow highway vixen name space for the whole family to splash around. It is actually raised quite high above the ground, which allows for swimmers to take in majestic views of Lake Minnetonka.

As you get ready to start your in-ground pool and spa remodel, map out your space and consider what size, shape and style might work best for you. Having an idea in mind when you talk with a specialist will help the process go smoothly. This modern swimming pool design, which has all kinds of technological equipment, is located in the garden of a historical house built in the 1920s.