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Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Your daughter is your queen, and undoubtedly you would think so. Milcah in Hebrew means “queen,” and what better name for the queen of your life. The name means “Joy” and is of Latin origin. It also means “ the Almighty.” The name is very popular in the Irish region and St Patrick has known to mention the name Joyce in the olden days. Of French origin, the name has an English aspect to it.

Complete with common interview questions and example answers. The Greek word Nikephoros, “to carry a bear,” is the perfect druid name, particularly for those who can turn into bears or have companions. Erebus, of Greek origin and means “the underworld” or “the region of the dead,” is one of the most menacing and sinister-sounding unisex names for a druid. It refers to “a shrewd or clever individual.” The meaning of this Gaelic name is “a druidess.” Unsurprisingly, your heart must be willing to getting a glimpse of such female names.

Combining these ideas, the word druwides from the Celtic tongue probably means “they who know the oak”, or “oak-knower”, or “oak-seer”. Anglo-Saxon language also used identical words for the word “tree” and “true” . Therefore, one can argue that derwos might mean “tree” or “true”.

The second most used name is Fidelma which stands for the faithful. Priyadarshika is a passionate writer, who doesn’t hesitate from treading uncharted territories. She thoroughly male breton names enjoys the process of transforming thoughts into words and creating interesting reads. She likes sharing ideas and perspectives, and always ensures she is patient and persistent.

Although, it sounds English the name is a great first name and will go well with any family name. The name Gilmac is of Gaelic origin and means “stronghold.” Gilmac was a member of the Fianna, the druid army and followed Fionn mac Cumhall, the legendary hero. She is also admired for her beauty and grace. Morgana is a name of Welsh origin and is the feminine form of the name Morgan. The name can be translated to mean ‘sea dweller’ and other similar meanings. In druid lore, Morgana is the antagonist to the great wizard Merlin, from whose hands she is finally killed.

They have magical powers that are nature-themed and a unique ability to morph into various animal forms. The druids achieved their names from the pre-Christian Celtic priests who were also called druids. Fantasy and adventure are exciting, enchanting, and eluding.

A luminous figure in druid mythology, Mordred had to make some hard decisions owing to circumstances even though he had a kind heart. An important character in the legend of King Arthur, the name Mordred is of Latin origin and is derived from Mordredus and means “brave”. A bard who wrote famous poems, Kian is popular as a literary figure even today. The name is of Gaelic origin and means “ancient.” The beauty of this name is that it sounds contemporary and trendy even today. Amaris is a beautiful and modern-sounding name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘gifted by God.’ The druid Amaris is a minor character and a member of the warrior band Fianna. However, Amaris quits Fianna and leaves behind the druidic life.