Day in the Life

Your story, captured honestly.

A day in the life session is exactly what it sounds like. I show up at your home and capture your day in a documentary style - the sweet, quiet moments, the tantrums, everything in between. I follow you as you go about your day and find the tiny bits of magic in the way your three year old struggles to squeeze out the toothpaste, in the way your husband grabs you into a bear hug when he comes through the door; the moments that are simple now, but will one day be blurred memories.

These photos are for you right now - to see how beautiful your life as it really is, the sweet moments between your kids that you might miss while you're loading the dishwasher for the hundredth time. They're also for years down the road, for your kids to find one day as adults and remember the details and moments that made up their childhood. 

The best news is it's easy - you don't have to do a single thing. You don't have to pick out coordinating outfits, bribe your toddler to cooperate, get your hair and makeup professionally done only for it all to melt off in the summer sunset. You simply live your life and leave the rest up to me.


This type of photography isn't for everybody. If you'd rather have a pretty, smiling at the camera photo to hang above your couch, I'm not your gal (but that's okay - I can point you towards some talented local portrait photographers.) I'm looking for families who want to remember the sweet moments as well as the tantrums, who know that every day is its very own adventure, even if you don't make it any further than the farmer's market. If this sounds like you, drop me a line and tell me more about those goofy, wonderful people you call family.