Thank you so much for choosing Heather Burris Photography to capture those precious first days of your little one's life. It is truly an honor and something that I put my whole heart and talent into. 



Newborn sessions are done in your home and can take anywhere from two to three hours, depending on feeding and sleep schedules. I am happy to provide as much time as necessary for feeding breaks, diaper changes, etc. so don't worry about feeling rushed. Plan on taking photos in a few different rooms in your home; I will absolutely take images of your nursery (if you have one), but I am also going to be looking out for windows and little spots of your home that offer the best possible lighting. A favorite spot, especially for family shots, is on the parents' bed or the living room couch. Don't stress about getting your house perfectly clean; as long as beds are made, we can move or rearrange anything that might get in the way of a photo, although I'm not afraid of a little clutter. The most important thing is capturing the exciting changes and joy a new baby brings to your home, whatever that may look like.

I only offer lifestyle newborn sessions, which means that I will capture your sweet new baby just as he/she is - in their crib, being held by Mom and Dad, snuggling in their favorite blanket. I don't use props or backdrops; basically I don't stick babies in places where babies don't belong ;) 



When should we book the session?

Newborn sessions usually occur when the baby is around 10 days old. It's best to book during your pregnancy, at least a month before the baby is due. We will set a date according to your due date with the understanding that we can easily adjust the date or time based on when the baby actually arrives. I ask that you either text or email me soon after your baby is born (as well as if you are several days past your due date) so I can begin to arrange a new session date as soon as possible.


How long will it take to receive our images?

You will receive your high-resolution images in a password-protected online gallery no later than two weeks after your session.


Will we have printing rights?

Absolutely! You will receive a Print Release, which means that you and your family are free to print wherever you like. I highly encourage clients to print through Heather Burris Photography for the highest quality, professional photo lab products, but the choice is entirely up to you. 


When is the payment due?

The full payment is due the day of the photo session.


What should we/the baby wear?

Lifestyle means capturing who you are in this particular season of life, which may mean wearing pajama bottoms and your favorite robe day after day. That's totally fine. This isn't about looking like you should be in a magazine, this is about celebrating all the joys and changes that this new little life brings. Wear whatever feels natural and comfortable. 

I personally think it's a good idea to have a couple of different outfits for the baby; I would recommend something simple like a plain onesie and then a favorite outfit or two for those photos that Grandma will want to hang on her fridge. We can do as many outfit changes as you'd like or, more realistically, as the baby will allow. :) I am also a fan of simplicity, though, so if you'd prefer to keep your baby in one outfit, that would be great too.



Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are $400 and include an online gallery of the hand edited, high-resolution images and a Print Release. You will also have the option to purchase prints through Heather Burris Photography; print prices are as follows:

8 up wallet (2.5x3.5) - $9

4x6 -     $3

5x7 -      $5

8x10 -    $9

11x14 -   $18

16x20 -  $49

20x30 - $99


Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer. Please don't hesitate to email me with any further thoughts or questions you may have. If you're ready to book a date, go ahead and shoot me an email at and we'll get your session scheduled.