About Me

I'm a new mom and the wife of a very handsome pastor, which gives me plenty of incentive to pick up my camera, but I've been obsessed with documenting my life for as long as I can remember. Even in college I would (weirdly) shoot my own "day in the life" with my pink point and shoot camera, because I knew that those were pictures I would one day want to look back on (I was right.)

When I finally decided to start a photography business, my work was all over the map: I curled up newborns on faux tree stumps, I did the classic family sunset shoots, I jumped into rivers for artsy, moody senior portraits. But the from my very first family documentary session I knew I had found what I truly care about capturing for my clients: the real life stuff that I'd always loved capturing in my own life.

If you're brave enough to let me into your own little universe, I promise to find the magic in it and show you your wonderful, ordinary life in a brand new light.