Outer Banks (again)

On Tuesday morning we loaded up the Jeep with cameras and the baby and an infinite amount of blankets (for no real reason other than that people give you tons of blankets when you have a baby, so surely they are necessary, even in July at the beach?) I had another family vacation session at the Outer Banks (I'm still pinching myself that my life right now includes getting paid for this sort of thing.) 

It was a quick trip, and we only made it out onto the beach for all of five minutes, but just driving along the beach houses, kicking the sand off my shoes, smelling that sunscreeny smell on passersby was enough to bring a sense of rest to this tired mama. 

The room at our inn just happened to be a room that led out to the tree-lined, twinkly lit pool that overlooked the sound. When Karey finally fell asleep, we tip-toed out through the screen door and soaked in the hot tub under the stars. It was a deep sigh of relief, just those few minutes.