Even though I failed miserably at my 365 project last year, I am still just as giddy about starting up again this year. It seems so daunting - making a photo every day, and yet it's the very challenge of it that draws me to this project. It forces me to make photos that I simply otherwise wouldn't even think to make, leaving me with memories from our real life that I'll have forever. I think I only made it three months into the project last year, and yet I am so grateful I took it on, because I know those photos would never exist if I hadn't. So here's to making the effort and pushing myself creatively every day this year. 

1/365 - We rang in the new year by shooting/groomsman-ing our first wedding of 2017 (and our last wedding before the baby comes!)

2/365 - Before making the drive home we had breakfast at one of our favorite spots in Chattanooga, Rembrandts. A woman came in carrying the cutest little baby I've ever seen and it made me daydream about bringing our own fat little baby to coffeeshop breakfasts someday soon. 

3/365 - Had a doctor's appointment today - cranked the Bee Gees for Karey on the ride over because I'm already not a cool mom. 

4/365 - Newborn shoot, grocery shopping, moving our bedroom upstairs, dinner guests, baby hiccups, falling asleep to Netflix. Wednesday things. 

5/365 - Resting and recharging today (basically, reading a whole lot.)

6/365 - We ran errands (including grabbing dinner) from 1:30 - 7:30 today. In the rain. Prepping for a weekend of being snowed in, among a hundred other things. It's a good thing we really like each other. 

7/365 - Today we watched YouTube videos on how to care for newborns. We're not real sure what else to do...

8/365 - Baby toes on our fridge.

9/365 - Day three of no hot water. We smell fantastic. 

10/365 - In spite of all the snowed in craziness and no hot water drama (we haven't had a real shower, done laundry, or washed dishes in days), Amanda and I had a last minute shoot in our bonus room. A fun, lovely distraction.