Amy Motherhood - Raleigh Lifestyle Photographer

I drove to Amy's home in the wee hours of the morning to spend time with her and her sweet boy Mac and capture their everyday, morning routine. I am so passionate about documenting these everyday moments, even more now that I'm becoming a mother myself. What I wouldn't give to have photos like these of my mom and I, doing the most simple, ordinary things in that tiny apartment almost thirty years ago. Did she have her hair and makeup done every morning before breakfast? Did she sit down with a novel during afternoon naps? Did she read the same book to me over and over? What was it like to be pregnant with my sister when I wasn't even a year old? Memories only retain so many details; there's something about being able to have a visual of what life was like. And it means so much to be able to give these visuals to moms and their kiddos to forever remember the sweet moments, the meltdowns, the ordinary moments that are so fleeting.