It seems like our weeks are never quite the same. There is little consistency or routine; not that our lives are that busy, it's just that each week comes with its own unique set of events and trials and celebrations. I used to feel like all of this was out of our control, that busy weeks just happened to us; slow seasons would come and there was nothing we could to about that, either.

But we have fallen into a groove of sorts. We know that we need a healthy dose of time with friends, time alone, time together relaxing at home, time together doing something out of the norm. That adventure doesn't have to be an elaborate weekend trip, it could be trying out that new coffee shop, cooking a meal we've never tried.

This weekend was a new recipe (with peaches!), time around the table with friends, glasses of Chardonnay on the couch late at night, going out for coffee when it was too hot to go anywhere else, long stretches of reading time together, a walk around the lake, working on a woodworking project together (end tables!) It was boring and exciting and perfect.

Maybe we're getting better at this whole balance thing, or maybe it's just the song of this last stretch of summer, but I love that we are getting better at knowing what we need to live a full, rounded life together.